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Organizations have many questions and concerns, with the need for IT audits and IT compliance being among them. Although both allow a company to remain viable and effective within different systems, it’s essential to understand the differences between the two. Continue reading to learn more about IT audits and IT compliance, especially how the two overlap and how they differ.

Main Goals

Thanks to IT compliance, your organization can manage digital communications with greater ease while protecting the data of your business and customers with fewer challenges. Protecting these factors along with your company’s technological infrastructure is just as important, and you can do so with compliance, keeping your establishment running smoothly and lowering the odds of expensive penalties.

With an IT audit, you’ll also maintain the integrity of your organization’s data and technology infrastructure. However, it will overlook compliance as well as disaster recovery, security assessment, risk management, and more. An audit’s purpose is to evaluate the various controls in an organization, with the principal goal of protecting information technology assets and aligning with the company’s objectives and goals.

Mandatory Standards vs. Independence

An IT audit is based solely on the company and its customers, allowing it to be as independent as an organization’s internal function can be. Therefore, when determining which option is best for your business, you’ll need to learn which regulations, laws, and standards are mandatory and which don’t apply. In contrast to an IT audit, IT compliance will need to meet all federal and state regulations and comply with the demands and needs of a company’s customers.

The type of business one has will determine which option is best for that establishment. This is because each industry has different laws and regulations in terms of privacy and transparency. When they hire specialists who provide IT services, Orange County businesses get the benefit of professionals who can help them determine what laws apply to their businesses based on their size, location, customer base, and industry.


Transferring compliance responsibilities to an IT audit can come with many benefits, including procedural streaming and knowledge sharing. However, the merger can add various difficulties to your team’s day. Limitations and excessive burdens are just two effects merging can have on an IT audit.

On the good side, if you merge an IT audit and IT compliance, you can develop a more comprehensive risk management strategy. Merging an IT audit and IT compliance will result in increased productivity for your business, reduced expenses, and less redundancy. Your team could detect and assess dangers more quickly when merging, lowering the odds of negative outcomes.

Choosing the Best Option

Although both functions come with differences, some aspects might overlap, requiring an organization to utilize both cooperatively when necessary. To discover more facts and determine the best options for your organization, reach out to an IT service provider for more help. These are highly skilled professionals who can give you the timely and efficient support necessary to solve technical issues and more. Their primary objective is to ensure your business manages and maintains its technology. 

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