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San Diego business owners rave about Xonicwave. See why we are a 5 star reviewed IT services company and IT solutions provider for organizations and businesses in San Diego County.

When it comes to outstanding IT management services, San Diego business owners rave about Xonicwave. See why we’re a 5-star reviewed IT services company and IT solutions provider for organizations and businesses in San Diego County.

Xonicwave is committed to giving you the best-managed IT consulting, managed services, cybersecurity, and computer IT support. San Diego, Carlsbad, Poway, La Jolla,and San Diego County businesses can rely on our exceptional IT support. Xonicwave will give you the peace of mind knowing you can run your business to the best of your ability without having to worry about whether you can rely on your technology or IT provider. When they’re choosing among managed service providers, San Diego businesses should be alert to common issues they could experience with inferior IT managed service providers(MSP).
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Technology is one of the key components to your organization. Doesn’t your business deserve top-notch solutions with excellent client service? Call Xonicwave today and see how our 20 years of experience has made us Southern California’s choice for IT managed services and solutions. When they need an experienced,reliable company to manage IT services, San Diego businesses need look no further than the experts atXonicwave.

Xonicwave Provides Complete End-to-End IT Services and Solutions

We’re a single source for all the IT support services San Diegobusinesses and clients throughout Southern California need.

IT Managed Services

Full service IT outsourcing for businesses from a single person company up to 500 users in each location. Three tiered plans tailored to meet your needs and budget.


From individual security solutions to full IT Security Managed Services, we provide the that extra level of protection your company needs to fight cyberattacks and threats.

IT Consulting Services

Focusing on your organization’s most critical assets to take advantage of the many opportunities available. Our IT consultants bring specialized, functional expertise ensuring your organization’s success across all boundaries, geographies and industries.

Cloud Services

We offer individual cloud solutions to your business, thus reducing your capital infrastructure costs and increase security. All are fully customizable to meet your budget and needs".

What are support services in IT?

There are many types of IT support and services. San Diego business owners and managers should understand that as technology advances, there’s a greater need for these support services because technology is so inherent in how modern businesses operate. Having reliable IT systems enables businesses to grow and survive. Unfortunately, IT can be overwhelming. That’s where IT support services come in.

IT support services manage the processes related to computers, other tech, and the internet. Support services handle a range of IT-related issues, such as data management, network setup, and cloud-based functions. The goal of these services is to streamline all technologies and make using them easy for our clients to use. Whether they need services for a large corporate staff or small business IT support, San Diego businesses can depend on the experienced pros at Xonicwave to meet their needs.Types of support services we provide include:

  • Managed IT -The process of having an IT team manage various IT tasks and outsource your IT needs
  • On-demand IT -Receiving support as your problems arise, knowing you can get help whenever you cannot handle issues on your own
  • Cloud services – Getting support for cloud-based computing so people can access data from anywhere

What do IT services do?

A business has to use technology to survive, but these systems are often much more complex than IT you would see at home in your personal life, so having IT services is often invaluable for businesses. Business owners and executives don’t always have the time to deal with their IT issues, so outsourcing these services can help.

IT services can give you streamlined support, and IT as a service model has reshaped IT technicians as part of your business team rather than people you call only when you need help. With IT supportfrom managed service providers, San Diego businesses get the benefit of IT experts who make sure their technology is always working smoothly. We help you manage your IT and make sure it stays uptodate and functioning smoothly. By doing this, you can save time, energy, and worry.

What’s the Difference between IT Service and IT Support Service?

There are some key differences between IT managed services and IT support. IT support has an external focus, which means that when customers have a problem, IT support provides solutions. IT managed services go much further than IT support. IT managed services are a form of IT service San Diego businesses can trust to deal with the entire process of creating, managing, and maintaining IT systems. An IT managed service can provide more customized and hands-on care to clients, and that’s why having this type of service can be so powerful. IT support is just one of many components of IT managed services.
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Need Managed IT Consulting Support in San Diego, CA?

If you need IT consulting support in San Diego, California, Xonicwave can give you the support you need to succeed. IT problems can be a huge headache when you don’t have a reliable team to help you through your issues. We offer consulting support whenever you need sound advice and virtually any form of IT solution. San Diego businesses can trust in our dedication to creating strong relationships with our customers, and we help them not only get good results but also understand why certain steps are the right decisions. We want our clients to feel empowered when making big IT decisions.

If they’re looking for premier IT support companies, San Diego businesses should contact us today to get started on this journey with our qualified and dedicated team. We’ll be happy to help your business thrive.