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Below are some of the questions we’ve been frequently asked through the 20 years Xonicwave has been in business. Don’t see the answer to your question? Call us today and we’d be more than happy to assist.

The economy is fragile and we’re not sure if we have the budget. Do I really need IT Managed Services?

Every business needs to ensure their network is up and running. Each minute of downtime can cost your company money and current or potential clients. If you’re paying for IT support right now in your company, you might be surprised at how affordable Xonicwave is. Our plans start as low as just 65 cents a day for PC support. Give us a call and find out just how affordable quality support is (866-844-9283).

How can I get references from your clients?

We are more than happy to share our clients’ experiences/feedback of Xonicwave with you. Just let us know prior to making your final selection for an IT provider and we’ll gladly show you our references. Prior to that, feel free to check out our Google reviews here…

Do you have any part time employees? Are they certified? Where are they based?

All of Xonicwave’s employees are full time. We do not employ part time staff or contractors. We deal with our client’s vital company information and for security purposes, this cannot be achieved without proper training and certification of our staff. All employees are certified through a vast array of different levels and are based in the United States. The majority of our employees have at least 4 years of networking experience and certified through Microsoft and/or Dell.

Why do you make us sign an NDA during the sales call?

It is always best to ensure the confidentiality of your business to anyone you speak with. You don’t want information about your company, goals, or issues getting into the wrong hands. We make security a top priority and hope that you do too!

I’m not sure which Managed Services plan is right for my business. Can you assist?

We have several plans to meet the needs and budget of our clients. In order to find out which plan is best for you, give us a call and with a few quick questions we can provide you with the top two options for your company.

What do we do when we need to get support from Xonicwave? How do we get a hold of you?

When you need specific support, you just need to get in touch with us. We have three different methods to reach us for support: 1) toll free support number 2) support email address 3) online chat support we prefer a phone call, as it allows us to speak directly with you to troubleshoot and resolve your IT issues in the fastest manner.

What are Managed Services? I thought my company was already getting that?

There are a lot of companies out there that say they do “Managed Services.” Unfortunately, most fall short of this and only offer small pieces of the entire puzzle. A true managed service is an all encompassing solution taking care of every aspect of your network, and not just reactive support. Xonicwave watches your network 24/7, provides a 15 minute response to your needs, proactively maintains your systems, ensures data is backed up securely, email is free of viruses and spam, and helps you plan ahead as your business goals and needs change, along with many other services for one flat rate each month. Check out our plans to see which one is best for your organization.

We aren’t that big of a company. Is Xonicwave right for us?

We cater specifically to small businesses. So, whether you have one computer or 500 systems and multiple servers and locations, Xonicwave can help.

I don’t have any idea how many or what kind of devices I have. How do I get a quote?

If you aren’t sure of the exact number of devices, it’s not a problem. Just give us a call or contact us and afterca few questions, we’ll be able to provide you a rough estimate. If it fits within your budget and needs, we’ll come out and give you an accurate quote…down to the penny. Thisxway you’ll know exwctly how much you’ll spend each month on one of your company’s biggest assets…technology.

I currently have an IT person/company taking care of my business. How does the transition to Xonicwave work?

The transition is actually quite easy and can be accomplished in a matter of hours. There are just a few pieces of information we need to take over your network. We have found that most documentation provided by other firms is either outdated or incorrect. When you choose Xonicwave, one of the first items we handle is to document your network, so you know exactly what you have and what issues have been swept under the rug from your previous IT support.

Do you charge for “Out of Scope” work or when my company needs to install a new workstation or user? My current company charges extra for tasks like this.

The short answer is NO…Xonicwave’s IT Managed Services Plans (Platinum and Titanium) do NOT charge for out of scope work or new users or devices. If it is listed as a service within your plan, you will not be “ Nickeled and Dimed” like most IT Providers. The time is takes to gain authorization, write up a change order and ensure the proper documentation is completed normally takes more than the task itself. Xonicwave feels the long term success of our relationship with you is more important than a few dollars. Because of Differentiators like this…we hope you’ll refer us to your friends.

Isn’t it cheaper to hire my own in-house IT person instead of your IT Managed Services?

The industry average states an IT support person can effectively manage 27 people per month. The national average for an qualified IT person who can support users, maintain all devices, monitor the network, procure necessary hardware and software plus act as a CIO, CSO and handle multiple requests at once would far exceed $100k per year. Also, this person will need time off for vacations, training, holidays and sick time. You then have to add on the cost for support solutions (antivirus, malware. Data backups. Remote monitoring, security monitoring) and the additional cost required to manage this person. Your company could be spending over 130k annually…that’s over $400/user monthly. For that same 27 person organization, Xonicwave provides ALL that and more with a savings of over 60% annually. That’s money you can save and re-invest in other parts of your company like sales, marketing or support to increase revenue and grow your business.

Does Xonicwave comply with many of the new compliancy requirements like HIPAA, SOX, DARPA and HITECH?

YES!! Xonicwave has spent years perfecting our solutions to meet the stringent requirements applied across many industries. We have assisted many of our clients in meeting and exceeding the compliancy requirements. Please remember, that compliancy is NOT just about technology. The other two factors are policies/processes/procedures and your end users. Xonicwave can assist in documenting (policy templates) and enforcing those rules into your technology. Our attention to security and your data are second to none. Check out our Cybersecurity page and see how we incorporate these tasks into our IT Managed Services for a complete solution…or as an standalone to your existing IT plan.

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