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A business highly values cloud storage as one of its most valuable assets, but it must ensure proper protection. Even with the strongest passwords and login procedures, some criminals might discover those details and access company information. Therefore, you must keep all data, which includes employee and client information, secure. Keep reading as the professionals from Xonicwave, premier providers of IT service San Diego County businesses rely on for unsurpassed expertise, explain what your business should keep in cloud storage, what to omit, and the reasons why.

Health Data

The medical records of employees, customers, and others should never be stored in a company’s cloud account. This information is generally protected by city, state, and federal laws. If an unauthorized individual gains access to the data, it could be used to commit fraud. Keeping health information out of cloud storage could help you avoid lawsuits and other legal setbacks.

Financial Records

This data often includes tax documents, bank account information, credit card numbers, and other financial documentation. You should always protect this crucial data and never put it in cloud storage.

Storing financial data off-site comes with many benefits, including stronger security, cost-effectiveness, and improved compliance. Using off-site storage options doesn’t limit your accessibility or prevent you from using storage apps and processes. It’s always best to speak with IT service providers to learn more about your options.

Secretive & Sensitive Information

Your company should never keep confidential data, such as product or service ideas and information going through copyright or trademark processing, in cloud storage. This is for many reasons, such as your business relying on sensitive information to stay ahead of competitors in your industry.

Some may view certain emails sent to employees, clients, or marketers as secretive and sensitive data, especially emails that contain formulas, marketing plans, or processes. When your business stores this type of data in the cloud, it could be at risk for data breaches and theft. Instead of using cloud storage, find locked areas that can store physical paperwork, discs, and flash drives that contain secretive data.

Work with a Reputable IT Service Provider

While access to important documentation is essential for business owners and management teams, especially when off-site or on vacation, cybercrime is continuously rising, and companies need to be prepared for these situations. There are other potential factors to be aware of as well, such as insider threats, loss of devices, software problems, natural disasters, and human errors.

With business data, make sure to work with a reputable IT service provider. These well-trained and trustworthy individuals can offer your establishment a higher sense of security. They’ll explain every detail to you and be there to assist when necessary, even if your information is hacked, accessed, or shared with potentially dangerous organizations and individuals.

At Xonicwave, we understand the paramount importance of data security in today’s digital landscape. Trust us to safeguard your vital information with our cutting-edge cloud security solutions. From advanced malware protection to proactive threat analytics powered by AI, we offer comprehensive defense mechanisms tailored to your specific needs. Rest assured knowing your sensitive data is shielded from evolving cyber threats, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—growing your business. For the ultimate expertise in all aspects of cloud computing, San Diego County businesses should call on the pros at Xonicwave.

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