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Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, cybersecurity risks can threaten your establishment, both inside and outside the workplace. The dangers could range from viruses to password hacking. However, if they learn more about cybersecurity risks in business and take necessary precautions, including hiring a top provider of high-quality IT support services, San Diego companies could lower the odds of these mishaps, keeping their companies, clients, staff, and customers safe.

Leaked Data

When a cybercriminal successfully infiltrates a data source and extracts sensitive information pertaining to your company, a breach has occurred. The weakness in technology at your workplace could cause data leakage.

Failing to stop this could lead to discrimination against clients and employees in the future due to the sensitive information being leaked. It could also cause identity theft. Therefore, you must protect your workers’ information by evaluating all third-party access, installing secret management and protection services, and encrypting all data.


Blackmailing companies with information they’ve stolen about upcoming products and features or incriminating details that could compromise an employee or client is a primary reason hackers attack businesses. They can also drain financial accounts, making it one of the top cybersecurity risks in the workplace.

Weak passwords typically make it easy for these criminals to succeed. Therefore, it would be best for companies to require all staff and clients who need to use passwords when conducting business with them to change their passwords frequently. Installing multi-factor authentication is another method to consider when protecting your company.

Unknown Software

A large percentage of cybersecurity risks are associated with defective software. Businesses themselves have poor software development or take on unsafe third-party applications. The companies, government officials, or agencies responsible for the software don’t focus as much on poor software development practices, leading to vulnerability after it’s been released. 

However, using security software and updating your employees on proper technology usage could lower the risk of these cybersecurity attacks within your company. Updating the software is another step to consider, as these advancements are often safer and more up to date with the latest methods to ward off cybercriminals.

Fraudulent Emails

Many attacks are due to fraudulent emails, which is why most cybersecurity risks can be prevented by educating your employees on the equipment and programs they use. An attacker could send a fake email pretending to be an employee or business requesting personal data. Assuming the request is authentic, your human resources manager or authorized staff member could send out an employee’s personal information, putting that individual and your establishment at risk.

Providing training can lower the odds of these risks and teach staff about the steps to take when alerting officials of suspicious activity. Your cybersecurity education and assistance should also stress the importance of avoiding spam emails or logging on to unsafe websites. Employees should access non-work-related sites on personal devices instead of using office equipment and technology.

Xonicwave offers the comprehensive cyber security services San Diego businesses need to protect their assets and keep their operations running smoothly. Our services include data backup, 24/7 network security monitoring, incident response, penetration testing, security training, dark web monitoring, and more. Our managed cybersecurity solutions, CyberPlus and CyberPremier, address various cybersecurity challenges, including phishing attacks, malware protection, and cloud security. To learn more about how we can help you protect your business from cyberthreats, give us a call today.

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