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Cyber Security Services In San Diego , Orange County and Los Angeles

Xonicwave provides data backup, 24/7 network security monitoring, incident response, penetration testing, security training, dark web monitoring, and much more.

Cybersecurity Solutions and Services

Cybersecurity threats are constantly coming at businesses from both internal and external actors. Keeping your business secure in today’s complex environment requires a multilayered strategy based on an in-depth understanding of how cybercriminals operate and how to stop them. Xonicwave is your top choice among providers of cybersecurity services. San Diego businesses and organizations all over Southern California can get the benefit of these features of our cybersecurity components:
  • IT Security Managed Services
  • Endpoint and network security
  • Email/Cloud security
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Security training for your employees
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Penetration testing for your network
  • Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) and 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

Cybersecurity Managed Services

Xonicwave’s managed cybersecurity services provide layers of user-focused security that cover the wide spectrum of threats, from proactive cybersecurity and 24/7/365 threat monitoring to incident response, remediation, and security assessment services. San Diego clients can choose from our two managed cybersecurity solutions—CyberPlus and CyberPremier—that protect your users, business operations, and reputation. We also include your anti-virus and malware software, reducing your need to purchase and manage additional software for computer security. San Diego businesses can simply leave all their cybersecurity needs to us.

Cyber Plus Managed Services

  • 24/7/365 US based SOC monitoring
  • Incident Response
  • Data Backup and Recovery for all devices
  • Anti-virus and malware software for devices
  • Managed cloud/email security solution
  • Troubleshooting security support
  • Remediation services

Cyber Premier Managed Services

  • All Cyber Plus plan services PLUS
  • Security Training
  • Dark Web ID monitoring
  • Annual Internal/External Network Penetration Testing
  • Access to Policy development database
  • Audit Assistance

If you’re wanting a more tailored solution to your cybersecurity needs or just want to learn more about each service, please see below:

Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) and 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

Xonicwave offers aiSIEM/SOC, which pairs artificial intelligence with automated threat elimination in a powerful SIEM. Our team offers the support to effectively streamline your expectations with the first-to-market SIEM driven by artificial intelligence. Security information and event management, or SIEM for short, has grown well beyond the collection and retention of log data. Xonicwave offers the elevated level of computer security San Diego businesses need to keep their systems and data protected from a variety of threats.

Endpoint Security

Today’s cyberattacks are growing in volume and complexity, which emphasizes the vital nature of IT security. San Diego businesses that adopt technologies that prevent attacks are making valid investments, but they’ll eventually reach a point of diminishing returns. We must therefore add detection and response capabilities, which allows Xonicwave to identify and respond to threats before they become full breaches.

Managed detection and response (MDR) combines technology and human skills to deliver advanced threat detection, advanced threat analytics, global threat intelligence, faster incident mitigation, and collaborative breach response on a 24/7 basis. With this level of information security, San Diego businesses can keep their operations running more smoothly and safely.

Cyber Security Services San Diego

Email/ Cloud Security

Xonicwave offers both advanced API-based malware and phishing protection software combined with our threat analytics to provide proactive threat analytics by leveraging our AI-driven SIEM and SOC team. With our cybersecurity services, San Diego businesses get best-in-class protection against the constant stream of cyberthreats that have the potential to do serious damage to their operations.

When it comes to information security, San Diego business owners need to understand that protecting against these threats is more important than ever, and Xonicwave offers enterprise-grade software and services at a price point that’s unmatched in the industry. Our team is 100% US based!

Our service will detect and alert on known and new cyberthreats inside Microsoft 365 using advanced machine learning, behavioral analytics, and dynamic threat models. This is accomplished by feeding logs into the SIEM so our SOC teams can gain insight into the environment, leveraging AI and tools to provide threat analytics and active alerting.
Our anti-phishing software is designed specifically for cloud email. Most phishing attacks bypass standard email security. To catch more of these advanced attacks, Xonicwave uses a unique machine learning algorithm that analyzes each aspect of an email, looking for over 300 indicators of phishing.This is an advanced level of IT security San Diego businesses can rely on for the highest possible level of protection.

Malware and ransomware can enter your environment through any cloud application. Whether you collaborate using Slack or Microsoft Teams or share files with OneDrive or Box, there are countless ways malware and ransomware can permeate your cloud.This is offered within our IT security managed services plan or can be purchased a la carte.

  • Phishing is the most common form of cyber crime.
  • Estimated 3.4 billion spam emails sent every day.
  • The use of stolen credentials is the most common cause of data breaches.
  • Over 48% of emails sent in 2022 were spam.
  • Over a fifth of phishing emails originate from Russia.
  • Millennials/Gen-Z internet users are most likely to fall victim to phishing attacks.
  • 83% of breached businesses reported the attack type as phishing.
  • Average cost of a data breach is more than $3.8 million.
Security Assessment Services San Diego

Dark Web Monitoring

Xonicwave’s Dark Web monitoring, ensures your company’s assets (user passwords, financials, etc.) are monitored and then reported to you. This provides you and your team an opportunity to correct them before the cybercriminals gain access. This solution can be utilized individually, but is included in our Cyber Premier plan.

Dark Web Monitoring

Data Backup and Recovery

Xonicwave offers an industry-leading solution for your data security needs. We provide all the necessary software and management to ensure your files are properly backed up and stored in a secure location. We use military-grade encryption in our data backup and recovery services. San Diego businesses can choose among local backup, cloud backups, or a combination of the two. The possibilities are endless. Our solutions provide version control and infinite data retention to help you meet any compliance requirements. This is standard within both of our IT security managed service plans. Xonicwave uses cloud-native controls to enforce granular share policies for individual files or folders based upon their contents and context. With our data backup and recovery services, San Diego businesses gain peace of mind knowing their files can be deleted, quarantined, or encrypted before they become security incidents.

Vulnerability Management

Immediately after adding an asset to your network, Xonicwave will start scanning it using multiple techniques and scan engineers. Once new apps are identified, they’ll be added to our internal scanners to gain more visibility into internal assets.

Incident Response

Incident response is the action(s) taken during a security event and immediately following that event. Good incident response capability allows you to effectively identify and mitigate the damage and reduce the cost of a security event while finding the root cause to prevent future attacks. Most organizations aren’t equipped to respond to a security event properly with their existing tools. Xonicwave leverages best-of-breed tools to respond and make effective decisions across the entire network before the damage occurs or sensitive information is lost. Engage with our team before it’s too late.

Security Training

Our solution provides all users with complete security and phishing awareness training. San Diego business owners and managers will be pleased to learn it’s highly customizable, available in eight different languages, and offers instructional videos and a comprehensive platform to manage and provide reports on your employees. This solution can help you achieve any compliance requirements along with potential discounts on your cyber insurance business policy. Some quick facts on the security training for employees San Diego organizations need:

  • Trained employees are 30% less likely to click on a malicious phishing link
  • Companies that engage in regular security awareness training have 70% fewer security incidents
  • Security awareness training reduces the cost of phishing by more than 50%.
  • Security awareness training is required for obtaining cyber liability coverage
Information Security San Diego

Network Penetration Testing

With Xonicwave’s solution for network penetration testing, San Diego businesses get the benefits of a solution combines the knowledge, methodology, processes, and tool sets of a hacker into a single deployable platform for organizations of all sizes. Our solution allows organizations to have penetration tests with in their environments at any given time, satisfying both compliance requirements as well as meeting security best practices.

Traditionally, organizations have to face several challenges when seeking penetration tests for their networks. These can include availability, experience, and background as well as low-quality deliverables. This often leads to failing to effectively communicate the critical issues and remediation strategies organizations need to adhere to in order to reduce their overall cyber risk. Through several years of experience, certifications, and industry contributions, including numerous tools, our solution solves a critical need for organizations in an ever-changing threat landscape.We provide the full range of security assessment services San Diego businesses need to mitigate cyber risks.

The last and most important aspect for any business is cost. For typical network penetration testing, San Diego businesses may be charged $10K–$100K per test, depending on the size and complexity of their networks. Our solution provides a more detailed analysis, deliverable at a fraction of the cost.