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Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet, such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence. Cloud computing allows users to access scalable, reliable, and cost-effective IT resources without having to invest in physical infrastructure or manage complex software. Instead, withcloud computing, San Diego users can access and utilize resources hosted on remote servers maintained by third-party providers. Cloud computing can provide various benefits, such as faster innovation, flexible resources, economies of scale, enhanced security, and reduced operational costs.

When they trust Xonicwave’s cloud-based services for their cloud computing, San Diego businesses can be sure of the safety, scalability, reliability, and 24/7 availability of their organizations’ important data. As one of America’s best cloud services providers, we’ll help you manage your business, track your employees, and ensure your customers get uninterrupted service, differentiating your brand.

Make your move to cloud and practically guarantee the safety of your information flow, all at an affordable price. Xonicwave is here to make the transition easy by offering specific services to reduce the need for businesses to make capital investments in areas of IT. Whether your company needs hosted data backups, remote data backups, cybersecurity, or Office365, we can help. Contact us today to find out how we can lower your IT costs and still offer you all the benefits of a large company’s IT infrastructure.

Microsoft Office 365

Bring together the power of Office with business class email, document sharing, instant messaging, and video conferencing to give you access anywhere across all your PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Remote Monitoring

If you already have an IT staff and want a solution that improves their performance while providing unbiased feedback, our remote monitoring solution is the perfect addition to your IT toolset. Xonicwave’s solution allows for real-time passive data collection of changes, issues, and potential problems. Along with that, you’ll receive IT asset management and patch management in one interface that’s accessible from any device.

Email/ Cloud Security

Xonicwave offers both advanced API-based malware and phishing protection software that’s combined with our threat analytics to provide proactive threat analytics by leveraging our AI-driven SIEM and SOC team. Protecting against these threats is more important than ever, and Xonicwave offers enterprise-grade software and services at a price point that’s unmatched in the industry. Our team is 100% US based!

Our service will detect and alert on known and new cyberthreats inside Microsoft 365 using advanced machine learning, behavioral analytics, and dynamic threat models. This is accomplished by feeding logs into the SIEM so our SOC teams can gain insight into the environment and leverage AI and tools to provide threat analytics and active alerting.
Our anti-phishing software is designed specifically for cloud email. Most phishing attacks bypass standard email security. To catch more of these advanced attacks, Xonicwave uses a unique machine learning algorithm that analyzes each aspect of an email, looking for over 300 indicators of phishing.

Our Anti-phishing software is designed specifically for cloud email. Most phishing attacks bypass the standard email security. In order to catch more of these advanced attacks. Xonicwave uses a unique machine learning algorithm that analyzes each aspect of an email, looking for over 300 indicators of phishing.

Malware and ransomware can enter your environment through any cloud application. Whether you collaborate with Slack or Microsoft Teams or share files with OneDrive or Box, there are countless ways malware and ransomware can permeate your cloud. This is offered within our IT security managed services plan or can be purchased a la carte.

Dark Web Monitoring

Xonicwave’sdark web monitoring ensures your company’s assets (user passwords, financials, etc.) are monitored and then reported to you. This provides you and your team an opportunity to correct them before the cybercriminals gain access. This solution can be utilized individually but is included in our CyberPremier plan.
Dark Web Monitoring

Data Backup and Recovery

Xonicwave offers an industry-leading solution for your data security needs. Never worry about losing a laptop, becoming a victim of cyberattacks, having a corrupted hard drive, or accidentally deleting a file or folder. Keep a copy of whatever files you choose in one of our secure data centers located across the United States. We provide all the necessary software and management to ensure your files are properly backed up and stored in a secure location. We use military-grade encryption, and you can choose among local backup, cloud backups, or a combination of the two. The possibilities are endless. Our solution provides version controland infinite data retention to help you meet any compliance requirements. This is standard within all of our IT security managed service plans. Xonicwave uses cloud-native controls to enforce granular share policies for individual files or folders based upon their contents and context. Files can be deleted, quarantined, or encrypted before they become security incidents.

Security Training

Our solution provides complete security and phishing awareness training to all your users involved in cloud computing. San Diego business owners and managers benefit because it’s highly customizable, available in eight different languages, and offers instructional videos and a comprehensive platform to manage and provide reports on your employees. This solution can help you achieve any compliance requirements along with potential discounts on your cyber insurance business policy.
Information Security San Diego

Network Penetration Testing

Our solution essentially acts a hacker on a company’s network. It looks for sensitive data, performs exploits, conducts man-in-the-middle attacks, cracks password hashes, escalates privileges on the network, and even impersonates users to find sensitive data. It goes beyond identifying vulnerabilities by actually exploiting them to demonstrate what happens if an attacker gets access to the network. Internal and external penetration testing can normally cost $5K–$100K per test. Our solution provides better results in a shorter time and at a fraction of the cost. This service is included in our CyberPremier plan.